Founders Letter

The New Mexico Leadership Institute was founded by Dan and Katherine Burrell with a commitment to delivering the next generation of young leaders in New Mexico, nurturing skills that will set them apart from their peers across the country.

In collaboration with The University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University, NMLI will bring together top high school students from throughout the state to learn the fundamentals of leadership from renowned faculty, state and national leaders.

Through training and mentorship, the program will improve high school graduation rates, advance college enrollment and cultivate an entrepreneurial curiosity in NMLI Scholars for addressing New Mexico’s social, business and public sector challenges.

New Mexico’s future challenges will require visionary, ethical and effective leadership. That is why New Mexico Leadership Institute is committed to building tomorrow’s leaders today.Daniell Burrell Chairman, CEO Burrell Western Resources

Mission Statement

The New Mexico Leadership Institute is an innovative five-year program targeting New Mexico high school juniors who have demonstrated a high aptitude for leadership, creativity, resourcefulness and an entrepreneurial spirit, but who may be at risk of dropping out of high school or not attending college.

The goal of NMLI’s program is to graduate these students from high school, support their transition into one of New Mexico’s flagship universities (University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University), and have them graduate in four years with the skills and knowledge they need to obtain ready employment in New Mexico.

With one of the highest high school drop-out rates in the country, low college matriculation and graduation rates, and with many of the State’s most talented young leaders leaving for opportunity elsewhere, New Mexico is struggling to reach its economic potential. NMLI’s curriculum, created through a collaboration with UNM and NMSU, as well as the Center for

Creative Leadership (“CCL”), a globally recognized firm in leadership research and training, is designed to address these challenges in a comprehensive way.